Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde SMF-103

Product Description

Protizerr SMF-103 is a kind of powder form superplasticizer based on sulfonated melamine formaldehyde resin, which is suitable for cementitious mortars with requirements of high fluidity and high strength.
SMF-103 as powder is easy to fill production silo as well as to unload.

Typical Product Data

Appearance:whitish powder with good fluidity

Bulk density:400-700kg/m 3

Dry loss after 30min.@ 105℃:≤5%

pH value of 20% solution @20℃:7-9

ion content:3~4%

ion content:≤ 0.05 %

Air content of concrete test: ≤ 3%

Water reducing ratio in concrete test :≥14%


Flowable mortar or slurry for grouting application
Flowable mortar for spreading application
Flowable mortar for brushing application
Flowable mortar for pumping application
Steam curing concrete
Other dry mix mortar or concrete

Product Performance

SMF-103 can impart mortar quick plasticizing speed, high liquifying effect, low air entraining effect.
SMF-103 is of good compatibility with various kind of cement or gypsum binders, other additives such as de-foaming agent, thickener, retarder, expansive agent, accelerator etc.
SMF-103 is suitable for tile grout, self-leveling compounds, fair-faced concrete and color floor hardener.
SMF-103 can be used as wetting agent for dry mix mortar to obtain good workability.


PE-lined plastic woven bag, 25kg/bag

Shelf Life

12 months since production.
For product stored over shelf life, test confirmation should be done before use.